Standard 8:5

South Carolina: One of the United States

Charleston, South Carolina, in the late nineteenth century.

Charleston, South Carolina, in the late nineteenth century.

The student will understand the impact of Reconstruction, industrialization, and Progressivism on society and politics in South Carolina in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Enduring Understanding
During the periods of Reconstruction, industrial expansion, and the Progressive movement, South Carolina searched for ways to revitalize its economy while maintaining its traditional society. To understand South Carolina’s experience as representative of its region and the United States as a whole during these periods, the student will utilize the knowledge and skills set forth in the following primary sources:

Freedmen’s Contract between C.K. Singleton and 32 Freedmen, 22 January 1867

“An Act to Establish and Regulate the Domestic Relations of Persons of Color…” or the Black Codes of South Carolina, December 1865

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