More Weather Data

Dan Jarratt just e-mailed me a graph displaying the temperature difference from today until tomorrow, where we focus our attention only on Charleston SC in the month of March over years 1893-2013. Here are the summary statistics:

  • n = 3250 day-to-day changes, measured only when dates are in 3/1 to 3/27 over years 1893 to 2013
  • Mean = +0.037F, median = +1F
  • Standard deviation = 8.39F



What is this graph telling us?

  1. In the month of March, on average it’s going to be 0.037 degrees (F) warmer tomorrow than it is today.
  2. But half the time, the temperature increases by over 1 degree (F).
  3. The temperature jumps are roughly normally distributed.
  4. The cumulative percentile jump of 0 degrees (F) is 49.85%.
  5. Graphs are neat.

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