Making Twitter Useful at Work

Following the FTI last May, I focused my Twitter account on feeds relevant to my professional life. I am still trying to figure out exactly what “professional” in this context means — right now, basically it means, “Stuff I like reading on Twitter while I’m at work.” Here are some “people” I follow:

But the most useful part of Twitter has been connecting with other math professors and math educators. I’ve found out about really fantastic resources from them, and I have no idea how I’d ever learn about things without them.

Great things I learned about via Twitter:

  1. The open-source graphing plotter “Graph”:
  2. This open-source, free, activity-based calculus book:
  3. How to do Origami in Geogebra:
  4. Why we need more women math majors:
  5. The Wolfram|Alpha Chrome extension:
  6. The QAMA Calculator that now sits on my desk:
  7. Everything written in Casting Out 9s is fantastic:
  8. GVSU’s Screencast channel:

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