CSCI 490 Syllabus


Aspen Olmsted
Course website :
Tel: 843.953.6600
Email: Please use with Subject = CSCI490
Office: J. C. Long Building 226
Office hours: By Appointment

Class place and time

Classroom: J C Long Building – Room 221
Time: MTWRF 8:30am – noon
Catalog description

CSCI 490Game Dev with Java
This Course surveys core techniques in game development in the context of the Android mobile operating system and the Java programming language. Projects involve development of games that go beyond the traditional input and output devices used in computer games. Topics include Java programming for Android devices, graphics, animation, acceleration, position and rotation sensors, collision detection, networking, web services, and data persistence for mobile devices.

Prerequisites: CSCI 221 or Java experience

Course Outcomes

  1. Apply animation in a developed game
  2. Demonstrate use of user input through keyboard, gestures, location, speech and accelerometer
  3. Demonstrate use of physics in a developed game
  4. Apply artificial intelligence in a developed game
  5. Apply scoring and collisions in a developed game

Professor Assumptions

I am assuming because you are in this class you want to learn about object-oriented
programming.  Therefore, it is my job to use the 40 hour long classes and 80 hours of outside
work to get you there.

Required text

Learning Android Game Programming, by Rick Rogers,2011. Retail Price $39.99.  This book is available from for $24.15 new or $17.27 electronic.

Grading scale

100-90 (A); 87-89 (A-); 86-84 (B+); 83-80 (B); 79-77 (C-); 76-74 (C+); 73-70 (C); 69-67 (C-); 66-60 (D); else (F)

Evaluation schedule

20% Chapter Presentations
50% Quizzes
30% Programming Project

Programming Project

Over the first two weeks of class the student will develop several example games together.  Over the last few days of classes each student will develop an independent game based on the examples built together.


At the beginning of each class period starting on the second day of class we will have a short 10-15 minute quiz.  This quiz will be based on the activities from the previous day.  There will be 9 quizzes in total and you lowest grade will be dropped. There will be no makeups for any reason.  So if you miss class during quiz time this will become your lowest grade.

Chapter Presentation

Each day we will have two students each present one of the chapters from the book.  The presentations can be informal but the student needs to be prepared to explain the major topics of the book.  The class size is small so I anticipate you will be presenting 3 or 4 times over the semester.

Classroom disruption

Please read the College of Charlestons Student Code of Conduct. When you come to class
please turn off your cell phones and all other electronic communication devices.  I do encourage
discussion so if you have a question do not hold back from interrupting me if you are afraid I
have moved on.  If it is something I will talk about a little later I will note it on the board so we do not forget.


If you have a documented disability and are approved to receive accommodations through
SNAP Services, please contact me.

Student Honor Code

I expect you to abide by the Honor Code and the Student Handbook: A Guide to Civil and
Honorable Conduct. If you have a question about how to interpret the Honor Code, ask before
acting! I encourage collaboration, but you must document it. Thus, each student will submit
their own homework and, when collaborating, provide a reference to those people and
documents consulted.

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