CSCI 470 Syllabus – Spring 2013


Aspen Olmsted
Course website :
Tel: 843.953.6600
Email: Please use with Subject = CSCI470
Office: J. C. Long Building 226
Office hours: MWF 10:00 – 11:00 AM

Class place and time

Section I – Classroom: J C Long 221, Time: TR 10:50 – 12:05 PM

Catalog description

CSCI 470 Artificial Intelligence Principles –

A course introducing fundamental techniques for artificial intelligence. Among topics covered are heuristic search, knowledge representation, intelligent agents, reasoning, neural networks, genetic algorithms, and artificial intelligence programming. Additional topics may include Bayesian networks, natural language processing, machine learning, rule-based systems, robotics, and discovery informatics.

Prerequisites: CSCI 230 and MATH 307.

Course Outcomes

  1. Describe artificial intelligence.
  2. Desribe Planning
  3. Use Probability and Probabilistic Inference
  4. Use Machine Learning
  5. Use Unsupervised Learning
  6. Explain Representation with Logic.
  7. Demonstrate Planning.
  8. Demonstarte Reinforcement Learning
  9. Explain Bayesian Networks
  10. Explain Hidden Markov Models
  11. Explain Game Theory.
  12. Explain Computer Vision
  13. Explain Robotics
  14. Explain Natural Language Processing.

Professor Assumptions

I am assuming because you are in this class you want to learn about artificial intelligence.  Therefore, it is my job to use the 40 hour long classes and 80 hours of outside
work to get you there.

Recommended text

Artificial Intelligence A Modern Approach, 3rd Edition, by S Russell and P Norvig, 2009. Retail Price $125.84.

Online Lectures and Class Time

This class will be run differently were lectures will be available outside of class with auto-graded homework questions.  Class time will be used for quizzes, the programming  project and questions.

Grading scale

100-90 (A); 87-89 (A-); 86-84 (B+); 80-83 (B); 79-77 (B-); 76-74 (C+); 73-70 (C); 69-67 (C-); 66-60 (D); else (F)

Evaluation schedule

30% Final
40% Quizzes
30% Programming Project

Programming Project

Each student will program 3 major projects in python individually.  Each project you are given starter code for a pacman game and you will implement artificial intelligence for pacman to win the game.  Each project is broken down into individual steps that will have separate due dates on Oaks in the dropbox.  Each project is auto-graded based on rubrics provided on the assignment.  You will be allowed to submit your project multiple times but you must submit in class and we will run your project together.  You then need to be ready to answer questions about your project.


Each Thursday class we will have a quiz.  The online lecture topics covered on the quiz will be posted in advance in the Oaks calendar. We will have 13 quizzes and the lowest grade will be dropped automatically.  There will be no makeups for any reason.  So if you miss class during quiz time this will become your lowest grade.


We will have one comprehensive final during finals week covering the material for the whole course.

Classroom disruption

Please read the College of Charlestons Student Code of Conduct. When you come to class
please turn off your cell phones and all other electronic communication devices.  I do encourage
discussion so if you have a question do not hold back from interrupting me if you are afraid I
have moved on.  If it is something I will talk about a little later I will note it on the board so we do not forget.


If you have a documented disability and are approved to receive accommodations through
SNAP Services, please contact me.

Student Honor Code

I expect you to abide by the Honor Code and the Student Handbook: A Guide to Civil and
Honorable Conduct. If you have a question about how to interpret the Honor Code, ask before
acting! I encourage collaboration, but you must document it. Thus, each student will submit
their own homework and, when collaborating, provide a reference to those people and
documents consulted.

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