SDE Lab Awarded Grant

The Secure Data Engineering (SDE) Cyber Security Lab at the College of Charleston Computer Science Department has been award a grant to design and develop a new software solution whose function is to help in the dissemination of humanities data to groups and individual patrons. Individualized Humanities Collection and Dissemination System (IHCADS) is an open source cloud-based software solution designed to enhance public access to historical, archeological and artistic data and the experts who can help interpret the data. IHCADS will run in the cloud providing organizations with high-availability to their data and systems without the cost to the organization for the information technology professional and internal server infrastructure costs.

Students in professor Olmsted’s Fall 2015, CSCI 360:Software Architecture and Design course will gain first hand experience in software design by changing the classroom format to a reverse classroom.  Students will watch prerecorded lectures at home on the theoretical topics and in class teams of students will work with key stake holders at the Gettysburg foundation to develop functional and non-functional requirements, scenarios, use cases, class and activity UML diagrams for the IHCADS system.  Students will also be required to develop prototypes and unit test cases and present their results at the end of the semester.

Several research hypothesis will be developed, tested, documented and disseminated by graduate students in the Master in Computer Science degree. Master’s candidate Gayathri Santhanakrishnan is currently researching cloud computing topics used in the project such as Data Design Optimization for the cloud and correctness models for continuous ETL integrations.  The results of this research will be applied by the undergraduate students in the development of the system.

This interdisciplinary project will be developed as an open source project that will humanities organizations of all sizes.

The first phase of the project was awarded a grant from the Gettysburg Foundation to pay undergraduate students to develop advanced reservations and front desk functionality using the Platform as a service (PAAS).  Over the Summer of 2016, undergraduate students will also develop open source content management plug-ins that run on the Joomla content management system.  These plug-ins will allow visitors to the Gettysburg national battlefield to reserve museum and film tickets via self-service web and mobile interfaces.

Future grants will fund the development of the project in the next few years to add tour guide scheduling and digital asset management functionality to the system along with ways to role out the system to many more humanities organizations.  One goal of these future projects is to involve students from many majors on campus including arts administration, history and business administration.

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