For a quick guide to navigating promotional genres of self narration, check out these guides. They will help you interpret and respond to various award and application prompts as you strategize about how to approach the intensive writing tasks–personal statements, grant statements, and so on–relevant to various awards

The ┬álist of awards on this site includes the most well-known and largest scholarships out there, but it is far from comprehensive. Many individual government agencies–the EPA, for example–offer various internship and scholarship opportunities. Use the link below (searching for “undergraduate”) to discover additional opportunities at the federal level.

There are also a number of discipline-specific awards that you might ask you teachers and mentors about. If you’re a Classics major, the Lionel Pearson Fellowship from the American Philological Association is a great bet. If you’re an ethnic minority studying marketing or PR, the LAGRANT Foundation Graduate Scholarship might be for you. To dig up these awards, you can also seek out your discipline’s leading professional organizations.

The following resources offer more comprehensive databases to help broaden your search:


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