Congrats to Our Fulbright Semifinalists!

Out of 21 applicants, 7 were selected to move forward in the application process. These students demonstrated a range of interests, both academically and culturally, as shown in the scope of their chosen countries and awards. Our seven semi-finalists applied for awards that reflect their skills and accomplishments in teaching, research, and academic studies.

  • Anna Catherine Carroll: Research award in Spain.
  • Lauren Cortese: Study award in the United Kingdom.
  • Kelly Lifchez: ¬†English Teaching Assistant in Russia.
  • Katelynn Muth: ¬†English Teaching Assistant in Germany.
  • Ryan Parham: English Teaching Assistant award in Spain.
  • Tarrah Rothwell: Study award in the Netherlands.
  • Sophia Stoios: Study award in Spain.

Congratulations to these students and good luck in the finalist selection process!

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