Getting Mathematica for Faculty

Mathematica is available to all faculty in the Departments of Mathematics and of Physics and Astronomy, for installation on both College and privately owned computers.

The licensing has recently changed—if there are any errors or gaps in the following instructions, please let us know!

For on-campus computers

To get the installer software, it is best to go to the SharePoint site (or the MS Teams site “Mathematica”).

If you want help, contact one of the local admins, Brenton LeMesurier in the Mathematics Department or Gabriel Williams in Physics and Astronomy.

Note: There is a limit of twenty on-campus users at once, so please quit Mathematica when you are finished with it! (There is a also a limit of twenty home-use license installations.)

For home-use

    • To get Mathematica for a home computer (or to reactivate an existing installation),  complete and submit this home-use request form.
    • If that asks for a site license number, it is now L8635-7018.
    • When approved, you will receive email with further instructions.
  • If you need further help, contact Brenton LeMesurier or Gabriel Williams.