Mathematica at The College of Charleston

Mathematica software is provided at the College of Charleston jointly by the Departments of Mathematics and of Physics and Astronomy.

If you want Mathematica and are from another department, contact Brenton LeMesurier to see if that can be arranged.

The latest news:

  • July 21, 2021. From next month, the Mathematica licensing system is changing:
        • For on-campus use, Mathematica can be installed on any number of computers (in offices, classrooms, etc.) but there is a limit of 20 in use at any one time. (So please get into the habit of quitting Mathematica when you are done, and remind student to do so when using in class.)
        • For off-campus use, 20 home-use licenses are available for faculty members to install on their own computers.

        The procedure for faculty to get home use licenses will probably change;
        the details and links here will be updated when the new licensing is in place.

    • April 6, 2020. Wolfram (the Mathematica company) has provided these instructions about getting Mathematica on your computer at home: CofC_MathematicaAtHome
    •  Brenton LeMesurier in the Mathematics Department is the main administrative contact; Gabriel Williams is the contact for the Department of Physics and Astronomy.