Honors College Students Explore Math Concepts Through an Artistic Lens

By | June 15, 2021

Most Honors College classes are designed to be interdisciplinary, with wide-ranging ideas and concepts mingling together in the classroom. This type of educational approach can at times make for some unexpected assignments. For instance, a math class probably isn’t the first place you’d expect to find a treasure trove of student artwork. But for Dr. Annalisa Calini‘s Spring 2021 Honors course, HONS 216 Conceptual Tour of Contemporary Mathematics, the arts proved to be an ideal medium through which to explore mathematical concepts.

“The creative world is full of mathematical ideas,” Professor Calini says. “Sometimes hidden from sight. As part of this course, the students were asked to explore a topic using the lens of their own interests and to bring it to light in their own creative voices.”

Click here for a sampling of the artistic assignments and projects the students turned in throughout the semester.