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Upcoming Math Club Events!

The College of Charleston Math Club and the Department of Mathematics are hosting several events in the next few months:

Mathematics Department Colloquium

Most Fridays

Tea at 2:45 in RSS 346 (math department lounge)

Presentation from 3:00 to 4:00, usually RSS 251 but watch for signs

An hour with a guest speaker about all kinds of mathematical stuff!

This Friday, September 29, our guest speaker will be J. B. Nation from the University of Hawaii. He’ll talk about statistical analysis of gene expression data from cancers. For more details, see the Mathematics Colloquium Page.

Guest speakers from MUSC on biostatistics

Wednesday, October 18, 3pm, Maybank 223

Come hear about biostatistics! What is it? What kinds of careers can you pursue in the field? What does MUSC have to offer? And we’ll have snacks.

For more details, see the Facebook event


The annual Virginia Tech Regional Math Contest

Saturday, October 21, 8:30 am to 11:00 am

Problem solving contest for undergraduates! Each participant writes up solutions to challenging problems. The faculty at Virginia Tech grade them and award prizes. The Math Club can provide breakfast and lunch! RSVP by replying to this e-mail or to the Facebook event

Friday, November 3

Keynote Speaker: Michael Berry

Special seminar at 11:00 at Harborwalk: The Historical Development of Computation: Inventions for the Future

Tea at 2:45 in RSS 346, Colloquium from 3:00 to 4:00: Toward Unsupervised Learning for Social Media Using Linear Algebra

This semester, our keynote speaker Dr. Berry will give two presentations, one in the computer science department, one in the math department. Berry is an expert in data science, including the ranking and clustering of large data sets. More details

The annual Putnam Math Contest

Saturday, December 2, 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm

The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition is the preeminent mathematics competition for undergraduate college students in the United States and Canada. The Putnam Competition takes place annually on the first Saturday of December. The competition consists of two 3-hour sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. During each session, participants work individually on 6 challenging mathematical problems. The two sessions are 10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm. If you can only make it to one, that’s okay. The Math Club can provide breakfast and lunch! RSVP by replying to this e-mail or to the Facebook event

The Mathematical Contest in Modeling

Thursday February 8 through Monday February 12, 2018

It’s not too early to start thinking about the MCM. MCM is a contest where teams of undergraduates use mathematical modeling to present their solutions to real world problems. It’s a weekend long event that takes place on campus. RSVP by replying to this e-mail or to the Facebook event

The Annual High School Math Meet

Saturday, February 24, 2018

The department is hard at work preparing to host hundreds of high school students for the annual Math Meet! This year’s theme is the Winter Olympics, which will be taking place during February 2018. Watch for a call for volunteers in the next few months. Every bit of help is much appreciated! (And you get a free tee shirt!) More details on the  Math Meet Facebook page

The College of Charleston Math Club is an informal group of faculty, students, and members of the community with a common interest in mathematics. We participate in contests, have guest speakers, play games, practice for the GRE, … anything mathematical! Join our Facebook group to find out more. There’s also a Mathematics Alumni group on Linked In.

How Svitlana Mayboroda’s Landscape Function is Improving LED Lighting

Some mathematics research can take a long time — decades if not centuries — to be used in an application.  One of the amazing thing about Svitlana Maybroroda’s recent work on the mathematics of waves is that it is already being applied to improving the efficiency of LED lighting.  Read about her work and its applications in this new article at Quanta.