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Friday Fossil Feature – The head bone’s connected to the… neck bone…

By Sarah Boessenecker (@tetrameryx) Happy Fossil Friday! Fossils don’t prepare themselves, and rarely come out of the ground looking the way you seem them on display in a museum. Here at the CCNHM, we are building a team of dedicated,

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Friday Fossil Feature – Kogia let us tell you about earbones again?

By Robert Boessenecker (@CoastalPaleo) and Sarah Boessenecker (@tetrameryx) For Fossil Friday this week here’s a couple of pygmy sperm whale earbones from the recently acquired Rita McDaniel collection at the Mace Brown Museum of Natural History. McDaniel led mine tours

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How we spent our Spring Break

By Sarah Boessenecker (@tetrameryx) Spring break: a time for fun, relaxation, road trips, and partying… for students at least. For visiting researchers Dr. Morgan Churchill and Dr. Brian Beatty, it was a prime time to visit the collections at CCNHM

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