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A Whale of a Tale

By Sarah Boessenecker (@tetrameryx) Happy Fossil Friday! After a long and fascinating journey, our cast of Dorudon atrox, affectionately named ‘Manaia’ has finally reached her final resting place in the Addlestone Library, after being hung in the rotunda to watch

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Friday Fossil Feature – SeAVP and the Gray Fossil Site

by Sarah Boessenecker (@tetrameryx) and Robert Boessenecker (@CoastalPaleo) Happy Fossil Friday! Last week, museum staff and volunteers traveled to Gray, Tennessee for the 10th annual Southeastern Association of Vertebrate Paleontology. What’s in Gray, Tennessee? Why, the Gray Fossil Site, of

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Friday Fossil Feature – The head bone’s connected to the… neck bone…

By Sarah Boessenecker (@tetrameryx) Happy Fossil Friday! Fossils don’t prepare themselves, and rarely come out of the ground looking the way you seem them on display in a museum. Here at the CCNHM, we are building a team of dedicated,

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