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Friday Fossil Feature – 4 Specimens are Dolphinately Better Than 1

By Robert Boessenecker (@CoastalPaleo) and Sarah Boessenecker (@tetrameryx) Happy Fossil Friday! Earlier this week a new paper from CCNHM paleontologist Robert Boessenecker was published in the open access journal PLoS One, reporting new anatomical details for the extinct dolphin Albertocetus

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Friday Fossil Feature – Happy Darwin Day!

By Sarah Boessenecker (@tetrameryx) Happy Fossil Friday, and Happy Darwin Day! For today’s Friday Fossil Feature, we’ll look into barnacles – why? Barnacles were important to Darwin in his research and writing of On the Origin of Species. Darwin had

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Darwin Week, part 4 – Darwin’s Legacy

By Sarah Boessenecker (@tetrameryx) Darwin had published On the Origin of Species, and it achieved worldwide fame in a short period of time. It sparked fierce debates, and while Darwin was not available to attend these debates due to his

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Darwin Week, part 3. “That Mystery of Mysteries”

By Sarah Boessenecker (@tetrameryx) When Darwin finally returned to England in October of 1836 after 5 years away on the HMS Beagle, he found he was already a rising star. Darwin had sent letters, notes, and musings to his former

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Darwin Week, Part 2 – The HMS Beagle

By Sarah Boessenecker (@tetrameryx) Darwin spent a week in Wales with other students mapping the geology of the area, and upon his arrival home he received a letter from former professor John Stevens Henslow suggesting he accompany captain Robert FitzRoy

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Happy Darwin Week! (Part 1)

By Sarah Boessenecker (@tetrameryx) Happy Darwin Week! Charles Darwin, a name symbolic of evolution and natural selection. Over 150 years ago he published On the Origin of Species, what has come to be known as one of the most well-known

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