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Spring ’18: ENGL 556 – Theory and Practice of Teaching Composition

Online (limited enrollment). Professor Warnick. Meets at the College of Charleston. (Counts as an elective) In this course, you will develop a critical language for understanding writing as a social and rhetorical activity by learning current theories concerning the writing process, genre, language difference, literacy, identity, and other writing-related issues. You will learn important pedagogical […]

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19th century wheelchair

Spring ’18: ENGL 575 – Literature and Disability in Nineteeth-Century Britain

Mon. 7:00-9:45. Professor Kathleen Béres Rogers. Meets at College of Charleston. (Fulfills a British Literature after 1800 requirement) The concept of the “norm” was first developed in nineteenth-century statistics; specifically, Adolphe Quetelet introduced the notion of the “normal man.”  This begs not only the obvious question of gender (is the woman “abnormal?”) but also the question […]

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