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Spring ’19: ENGL 704 – Feminist Dystopian Literature (Seminar)

Professor Thomas Horan. Meets at The Citadel, Tuesday, 7-9:45 p.m. Seminar in Post-1800 British Literature While men such as Aldous Huxley and George Orwell feature prominently in the canon of dystopian literature, an equally rich strand of speculative fiction by women has challenged this androcentric paradigm. These books explore the ways in which political, cultural, […]

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Aaron Douglas, Into Bondage (1936)

Fall ’18: ENGL 535 – African American Literature

Meets at The Citadel, Thursdays, 4-6:45 – Professor Licia Hendriks (Satisfies an American Literature Requirement) This survey course situates the African American literary tradition in a developing domestic and international cultural context, and addresses the ways in which it is (and isn’t) a legitimate offshoot of the overarching category of American Literature.  Encompassed in the […]

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Summer ’18: ENGL 553 – Modern English Grammar

Meets at The Citadel, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 5:30-8:30, Summer I  Session (Fulfills an elective requirement) Prof. Alyson Eggleston A study of typological categories, morphology, and Minimalist approaches to the syntactic analysis of English. This course provides a thoroughgoing description of Modern English structural forms, including typological perspectives on current English variation and change. Issues relevant […]

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Joyce and Yeats

Fall ’18: ENGL 575 – Joyce and Yeats

Meets at the College of Charleston, Mondays, 7-9:45 – Prof. Joe Kelly (Fulfills a British Literature after 1800 requirement) We will discuss and interpret a significant portion of the work of the two Irish writers, W. B. Yeats and James Joyce.  The disciplinary approach will be historical, so we also will study the Irish political and […]

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ENGL 529 Writers

Fall ’18: ENGL 529 – American Fiction Since 1945

Meets at the College of Charleston, Tuesdays, 6-8:45 – Prof. Susan Farrell (Fulfills an American Literature requirement) This course examines a selection of contemporary American fiction in historic, aesthetic, and social contexts.   In other words, we will explore the relationship between contemporary American literature and the world we live in.  Topics may include literature and […]

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"Dirty Words" by GaseousClay1 - Flickr

Fall ’18: ENGL 511 – Introduction to Graduate English Studies

ONLINE w/scheduled classroom meetings (TBD) – Professor J. Michael Duvall (College of Charleston) (Required for entering students) ENGL 511 offers a practical introduction to research and writing for graduate study in English. The course will cover theoretical approaches to literary and cultural interpretation; the discovery, analysis, evaluation, and integration of primary and secondary sources; and strategies for […]

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Fall ’18: ENGL 574 – Villainy and Vice in Renaissance and Restoration Drama (Special Topics)

ONLINE – Prof. Katja Pilhuj (Citadel) (Fulfills a British Literature before 1800 requirement) Critics decrying the moral bankruptcy of entertainment is nothing new: English playwrights of the 1500s and 1600s had no problem staging all kinds of crimes and misbehaviors, provoking alarmed commentary on the degenerate effects of the theater. Yet, villains and vice were a featured […]

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Upcoming Courses - Fall 2018

Fall 2018 Courses

Fall 2018 Courses ENGL 511 – Introduction to Graduate English Studies – Prof. James Hutchisson Meets at The Citadel, Wednesdays, 4-6:45 (Required for all incoming students) Go to the description ENGL 535 – African American Literature – Prof. Licia Hendriks Meets at The Citadel, Thursdays 4-6:45 (Fulfills an American Literature requirement) Go to the description […]

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Spring ’18: ENGL 512 – Southern Literature

Tu. 7:00-9:45. Professor Sean Heuston. Meets at the Citadel. (Fulfills an American Literature requirement) ) This course explores the historical and ongoing tensions related to various ideas about the South, Southern identity, Southern history, tradition, and social change by examining a wide range of literary texts that deal with tradition and change in Southern society. We will […]

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Poems by Mr. John Milton

Spring ’18: ENGL 504 – Time, Narrative, and the English Renaissance Lyric

Wed. 7:00-9:45. Professor William Russell. Meets at College of Charleston. (Fulfills a British Literature before 1800 requirement) What is our place in history? What is history, anyway? And what, if anything, distinguishes history from time itself? These were pressing questions for the poets of the Renaissance, who actively defined their culture in relation to the past, and […]

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