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Margaret Mauk

Margaret Mauk ’14: PhD Candidate and Harry Potter Scholar

Margaret S. Mauk is a fourth-year PhD candidate at Florida State University specializing in 20th-century transatlantic literature and modernism. Her work has been featured in publications including Mythlore, The Marginalia Review of Books, and The Modernist Review. Her research interests include motherhood, violence and eugenics, and political identity formation. Her work has been presented at […]

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Brett Carter

Brett Carter ’11: Freelance Graphic Designer and PhD Candidate

Since graduating with my MA in English from The Citadel in 2011, I have frequently presented research at academic conferences and contributed to multiple academic publications. I taught writing at several institutions across South Carolina and Alabama before beginning a Ph.D. in Composition, Rhetoric, and English Studies at the University of Alabama. My dissertation argues […]

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Ashley Rhett

Ashley Rhett ’15: English Department Head in Bangkok

I began my teaching career at Charleston Charter in 2011, where I served as  a model educator for new teachers and a teacher coach. During that time, I decided to earn an MA in English at CofC. The joint MA program was a challenging and exciting experience. Often I took the new knowledge I was […]

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Anna Zoeller ’10: Renaissance Drama PhD Candidiate

After graduating with my Master of Arts in English in 2010, I worked as a visiting lecturer of English at Charleston Southern University, where I taught Rhetoric and Composition courses. Upon acceptance to the doctoral program in English literature at the University of New Hampshire, Durham, I worked as a graduate assistant there, teaching a […]

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Mary Glenn Keadle ’09: Real Estate Group Manager

Since graduating from the English MA program, I have spent the past eight years managing a Charleston real estate group. I have found that an English background is ideal for marketing and business relations since so much of what I do is learned from experience or tailored to my specific industry. After all, if I […]

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Adam Ellwanger

Adam Ellwanger ’00: English Professor

I graduated from College of Charleston in 2000 with a BA in English and took the English MA in 2003. Today, I am an associate professor of English at the University of Houston–Downtown where I direct our MA program in Rhetoric and Composition (C of C grads are encouraged to apply!). My research areas include […]

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Kathleen Halley-Octa

Kathleen Halley-Octa ’10: Research Education and Communications Manager

After graduating from CofC in 2010, I made a jump to the administrative side of academia and entered the field of Research Administration. I currently serve as the Research Education and Outreach Manager at the Georgia Institute of Technology. My team is responsible for teaching faculty and staff across disciplines how to find funding opportunities, […]

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