Summer ’22–ENGL 560–Film Studies

ENGL 560: Film Studies
Professor: Dr. Sean Heuston
Location: The Citadel
Time: Summer 1: May 10 – June 25, Thursdays, 5:30 – 8:30

This course will examine films from a variety of nations, filmmakers, and genres (everything from classic older films to recent mainstream films to music videos to short online videos) and will consider the ways aspects of filmmaking such as acting, editing, mise en scène, montage, sound, and lighting communicate a film’s construction of meaning. We will compare films and written sources to demonstrate different approaches to conveying meaning. We will familiarize ourselves with a broad range of film theory and criticism, from academic film criticism to the kind of non-academic movie review that is more familiar to most students. We will also consider the impact of recent developments (including social/political issues and film industry/business issues) on specific films, national film industries, and media coverage of both.


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