Summer ’22–ENGL 553: Modern English Grammar

ENGL 553: Modern English Grammar
Professor: Dr. Alyson Eggleston
Location: The Citadel
Time: Summer 2: June 28 – August 13, Online

This course examines modern English morphology and syntax using formal Minimalist analytical approaches. Additionally, through a typological understanding of common crosslinguistic structures as documented in the World Atlas of Language Structures (WALS), varieties of Standard American English are structurally described and compared with common Language features and putative Language universals. Nonstandard varieties of English are similarly structurally analyzed, providing insight into predictable future trends in English variation and change. The role of English as a language of education and commerce is also presented. Studies relevant to language acquisition and best practices in language pedagogy are provided to facilitate reflection and ground formal theory in real world outcomes.

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