Building Stronger Science/Math Courses


Carleton College, a leader in science education, is coming to the College of Charleston to deliver a fundamental workshop on building stronger science and math courses. The purpose of the workshop is to help participants establish a road map for getting from the germ of a good idea for a new or redesigned course to an actual effective and innovative course. Participants will start by setting goals for students – what students should be able to do at the end of a course. Having set specific goals for students, participants will then work through how to use those goals to choose content effectively to build an innovative course, as well as begin to outline practical and effective inquiry-based assignments and activities that can help students make progress toward the goals and provide a means for the instructor to assess that progress.

When: June 16-17, 2015
Where: SSMB

Building Stronger Science/Math Courses Workshop

**Please note that for Geology, it is highly encouraged that you attend both days.

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