An Exciting Teacher Workshop for STEM Teachers with Stipend-July, 2022

Attention STEM Teachers in the Lowcountry!

We are excited to invite all STEM teachers to attend a Teacher Workshop (with a stipend of $100) on teaching Weather and Atmospheric Sciences at the Elementary and Middle School Levels.

The goal of this workshop is to demonstrate how weather and environmental science can be integrated within the science curriculum that is suitable for elementary and middle school students. The topics that will be discussed are: (1) instruments used to measure common meteorological variables such as temperature; pressure; wind speed and wind direction; humidity; and water quality; (2) the science of cloud formation and the water cycle; (3) the science behind ocean currents; and (4) the science behind heat transfer by convection. An emphasis will be given on how the scientific method can be applied to understand the science behind each phenomenon.

We plan to admit a maximum of 25 teachers for the workshop based on their teaching/learning needs. Teachers will be provided with video lessons in various exciting topics prepared by experts at the College of Charleston in the corresponding fields. We expect teachers implement one or more topics in their classrooms in Fall 2022.

Please complete the survey for us to have your feedback/input/comments/suggestions about this venture.

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