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Writing my Final Project proved to be an extremely educational experience although it was trying. I have never given myself the time to actually write a paper, leave it, and then come back to it- much less several months. Time allows the initial idea to reach deeper conclusions. Had I tried to write the paper in a […]

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He Proposed!!!

The crisis Masculinity, a movement that peaked throughout the 90s and early 2000s, seeds itself during adolescent life in media and stigmas presented of what it means to be a man. After years of conditioning male stereotypes, the American Male enters the white collar work force and alas, encounters the pressures of supporting middle class […]

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Repression and Desire in Suburban Paradise

             During adolescent life stigmas imprint on our knowledge of what it means to be a man, and after years of conditioning male stereotypes, the American Male faces the white collar work force and encounters the pressures of supporting middle class consumerism and upholding the image of a strong provider […]

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Professor Talks 2

Professor Rosko used the chalk board to diagram and discuss what makes for good writing, and while her illustrations got chaotic and she lost her handle on the diagram it shows us that there is no one right way to write. This was reiterated when Professor Warwick brought up the innovations on Google Drive which […]

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Real Reality is a Bore

The way that the Tropic of Orange is constructed is through personal accounts that mend together through narrative and action, but each chapter is obviously told from the perspective of a list of characters. This insinuates that Yamashita places great importance on the relational value of life, and also how we view ourselves in a relational […]

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Appearance like a Chimney Sweep

It is the clear intent of the author to ascribe a connectedness to the Earth to Rafaela’s character. This is evident in the hyper-context that shows each of her chapters are labeled by words such as Dusk, Dawn, Midnight, and their subtitles refer to her physical placement in the world at the time such as The Cornfield, and To the […]

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Ecocritics work to create awareness that the environment simultaneously affects and is affected by human culture, and interaction. According to the text, the aim is to view ”nature as a part of the community rather than as a commodity”. I feel that this has been true since the beginning of time as we feed of the […]

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Fractals- Structuralism through Openness

To view this current time as post-modern is somewhat discerning as we typically view ourselves as modern; now. In some ways this relates to the notion that Time molds the environment and us as much as we create it ourselves. While the modern era is technically over according to a calendar, it lives on in […]

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Lost and Found

The readings made me question weather I am suited to be a writer and weather I am worthy of this path or not. What immediately came to mind was The Graduate. Dustin Hoffman conducted a work of art with that piece of film, and in many ways, it hits home. Causing one to question their purpose as a […]

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