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Blog 7 Paper summary

Suck on This: the aesthetics of violence and sexual frustration in Taxi Driver   For the introduction, I briefly talk about the state of film during the release, which was during the mid 70’s.  The people responsible for creating the story, Martin Scorsese and Paul Schrader, wanted to dive into the bowels of American society and […]

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Blog 8

Well, it has been a long semester.  I am glad to say that it is almost coming to a close for me.  I have some bumpy points during this class, but more than half of the time I would say I enjoyed it.  The theory portion was very engaging.  At least, I can honestly say […]

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Prof talks

I was very impressed with the Professor visits from Monday.  I have been eager to sit through any kind of discourse possible with both of them.  I hope I kept up with Dr. Seaman’s talk about Postsecular Posthumanities.  It was difficult to read, but I feel as if it was easier to understand while she […]

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Realism over Magical Realism

My experience with Magical Realism has not been extensive.  I have read Song of Solomon and watched Birdman.  This is probably the most material I have been exposed to that relates to the genre.  However, I want to understand the definition of it.  I will not quote a source, because I do not want someone’s […]

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Blog 2 on Culture

In the The Theory Toolbox Jeffery Nealon and Susan Giroux argue that in order for a culture to be deemed as such it needs a, “context in which any meaning can happen, an exclusion has to take place; to configure the meaningful context […] the very nature of the process, to exclude all those who […]

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Towards a Better Understanding of Metaphor

I like what is mentioned in The Theory Toolbox text book, “We tend to understand interpretation or reading as a metaphoric process, which is to say, we understand interpretation as allegorical rather than literal” (30).  I read this as a statement saying we are programmed to communicate in metaphor.  It reminds me of the film Trainspotting.  It […]

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