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End of 299: Blog 8 and What I’ve Learned

Coming into this class, I knew that it would probably me one of my more time-consuming English classes this semester. I figured I’d read a lot, write a lot, basically do what I have done in countless other English courses. I knew that a lot of the class was about theory, which scared me, but […]

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“Along that road to crazy”

    “Along that road to crazy”: Healing the Mentally Ill and Changing Our Attitudes       In Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Institutionalized, marginalized patients are the center of Ken Kesey’s novel, which deals with malicious Nurse Ratchet’s immoral asylum that is changed irrevocably by the loud, boisterous, hero Randle McMurphy; […]

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Prof Talks: Writing, Writing, and More Writing

I found these professor talks, from Professor Warnick and Professor Rosko, to be very informative and helpful to me. As a creative writing concentrator I was very excited to hear Professor Rosko’s insight into the field, but I was shocked by how interested I was in the field of Composition and Rhetoric that Professor Warnick deals […]

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Nicole Hill Professor Vander Zee English 299 28 March 2016 “But it’s the truth even if it didn’t happen”: The eradication of stigmas in Ken Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest             The mentally ill patient’s of Nurse Ratchet’s asylum are changed irrevocably by the loud, boisterous, hero Randle McMurphy; his commitment to the […]

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Holding On

One of the most moving parts of Tropic of Orange, for me, was the ending. We finally receive resolutions for most of the characters, and although not every end is tied up in a neat package to present to the reader, the way the novel ends resolves the burning question that the book brings up. What […]

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The Time/Space Warp

One of the most fascinating parts of the novel “Tropic of Orange” is the continuing warp that occurs in time and space, all because of an orange. The character who experiences this time warping the most is Rafaela, who of all the characters, is the most in-tune to the changes that are occurring. This is […]

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How Nature Works in Psychology and Shakespeare

In the chapter “Nature” the authors Nealon and Giroux use lines from Shakespeare’s King Lear to provide an interesting example of how we see this concept of “nature” in play. The example shows how polarizing nature can be; it is at once “an original innocence from which there has been a fall” and a “destructive…force”. Nealon […]

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What Is A Woman’s Space?

Space, at first, can seem like an obvious concept that we can all understand and agree on. However, as Nealon and Giroux point out in the chapter “Space/Time”, space is actually more than “a mere stage” but a framework for life experiences that determine where we belong socially. Nealon and Giroux focus on how space […]

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