What A Semester!?

English, as my major, is important to me in a more creative, less academic sense. Creative writing is important to me both “professionally” and personally. Academic research and the writing that goes along with that are not necessarily “for me.” I realize it is an important area and that there are English majors who enjoy academic research and writing. I am definitely thankful for these students/people. I appreciate their contribution and respect them very much, especially since it is not quite an area where I am drawn, nor naturally adept.

In my personal life (yet hopefully in my future professional life as well), creative writing, specifically poetry, is so much more than important. It keeps me alive in many ways. It drives me: to be a better person, to be a better writer, to work through college to achieve my goals in life. It is therapeutic for me and, though it is a lofty dream, for others who read or hear it too.

 This class has taught me how various the topics you write a research paper on can be. The class has reassured me of the path in English at the College and in the broader world that I want to focus on and pursue.

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