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Well, it has been a long semester.  I am glad to say that it is almost coming to a close for me.  I have some bumpy points during this class, but more than half of the time I would say I enjoyed it.  The theory portion was very engaging.  At least, I can honestly say I learned new material.  At least half of the Theory Toolbox was new to me.  I just wish the writers would have been more clear with what they wanted to say.  There were times I had difficulty following them because they would go off on tangents.  The blogging was very new to me.  I am not very good with technology, so that was a challenge.  At least I feel as if I am getting better.  I was very pleased to have the opportunity of exploring one of my favorite movies, Taxi Driver, in an academic setting.  I have never engaging the film from that perspective, so I was intrigued.  I actually had a lot of fun discussing my research with friends, and hearing some of their readings of the film.  I know I went off on a tangent at point talking about my CRC and the Freudian penis thing, but I was very excited.  I took this class because it is mandatory, but that mean I was reluctant.  I have taken many upper level courses, but I knew the best attitude for this one was to be open.  For the most part, an in spite of the bumpy moments, I am pleased with everything.  I would recommend this to other students even if it were not mandatory.  In fact, I wish more non English majors would take it.  It makes for a introduction for the discipline and shows others how the English studies functions.

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