Blog 8 Reflection Post

After the first few assignments were given to us in 299, for example theory toolbox readings, Bedford glossary definitions, I must admit I was disheartened. These assignments were not my favorite thing to do, and the blog posts on authority etc. we’re not among my favorite assignments. However, when we started to read Tropic of Orange, I started to become more interested in the class, because we were using a book that was actually interesting to learn how to criticize literature and eventually learn how to do literary criticism ourselves. Although I didn’t love the article we had to read that commented on Tropic of Orange, I sincerely believe that all of the technical readings and assignments we had to do in the beginning of the course were useful to me as a writer, and definitely helped in the synthesis of my research paper.

When I first found out we had to work on a research paper for about 2 months, I had mixed emotions, because I was excited I would be able to pick my own topic, but also knew I had a ton of work ahead of me. I did end up doing a lot of work, but it helped me to break down the process of writing a thorough research paper, not all done a few days before the deadline, and helped me learn tools that will definitely help in my future writing courses. Picking a research topic I was throroughly interested in was helpful because I actually found out information and found articles I was interested in, making the research process a little less grueling. Overall, I would say this was a good class, and in terms of being a writer and learning about writing papers and research papers, I have found and used tools that are invaluable to me.

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