Blog 8: Reflection

Although the writers were sometimes jaded, the Theory Toolbox’s approach led me to make new discoveries in my own reading and writing that I will find valuable throughout the rest of my life as I apply their skeptical criticisms to other works. When a lot of my education has been through absorbing the ideas and opinions of others and simply adopting them as my own, reading TT led to become more aware of my own thoughts and opinions and how often they may different from another writer’s, classmate’s, etc. With this awareness, comes the death of the author and an increase in my own insight.

This course has also granted me the opportunity to dedicated much more of my time on a single writing which allowed me to not only explore a topic that interests me in great detail, but to examine the positive effects time has on one’s writing. Had I not been given so much to revise and add, I wouldn’t have been able to research the topic as fully as I have. Halfway through my research I had made new discoveries leading to more insightful arguments in my paper. Furthermore, this project showed me what time can do to my composition skills. Leaving my draft alone for a week or so without a thought, then ¬†going back after being given feedback totally changed the way I looked at my writing and the topic at hand. Although sometime grueling, the final project has been an important assignment that will influence my writing routine throughout the rest of my collegiate years.

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