Prof Talks: Writing, Writing, and More Writing

I found these professor talks, from Professor Warnick and Professor Rosko, to be very informative and helpful to me. As a creative writing concentrator I was very excited to hear Professor Rosko’s insight into the field, but I was shocked by how interested I was in the field of Composition and Rhetoric that Professor Warnick deals with. His study about following 100 students and examining their writing sounded fascinating; I’d never thought that much about how my writing has changed over the years, but as a creative writer I sometimes look back at my past works and see how much I’ve grown. I’ve recently started writing more poetry, partially because I’m in my first poetry class, but I realize now that the nerves I had about the class were misplaced. Poetry is very different from fiction, as I’m sure Professor Rosko would agree, but it allows you to do different things.


(Here is a semi-comical image about the difficulties of creative writing)

I found both professors work to be interesting, but because of my investment in the creative writing department I was drawn to Professor Rosko’s work; I loved the easy, clear-cut way that she described teaching “complaint poetry”. It sounds like something that would be fascinating to play with; in the class discussion she mentioned how she’s always thinking about theory, like feminist theory that really influences her work, and I could see that in her essay about this style and how it both sympathizes and condemns the women speaker. I feel like I’m aware of gender theory when I write too, and so I really enjoyed the idea of good writing being rooted in theory. I think both Professor Warnick and Rosko made me reaffirm my position as an English major at the College.

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