Lucia Johnson and Edward Vest Inducted into Bishop Robert Smith Society

In a College ceremony held on Wednesday, September 28, Lucia Johnson and Edward Vest were inducted into the prestigious Bishop Robert Smith Society at the College of Charleston.  Membership in the Society is reserved for those giving over 1,000,000 to the College.

The Johnson-Vests are long-time supporters and friends of Classics at the College. Lucia was an alumna of the College and a dedicated Latin teacher. Lucia and Edward created the Johnson-Vest Scholarship in 1995 in order to encourage the study Latin and Greek, especially those studying to become Latin teachers. Every year many Classics majors benefit from their Scholarship’s generous support. This year’s recipients are pictured below with members of the Johnson-Vest family at the ceremony.

On behalf of the Classics Department, faculty, and students, I want to thank Lucia and Edward for their generosity.


Pat, Darlene, and Steven Johnson (representing the Johnson-Vest family) with President McConnell. The plaque in the background carries the names of Lucia Johnson and Edward Vest (second down from the top right).


2016-2017 Johnson-vest Scholarship winners with Pat and Darlene Johnson


Steven, Pat, and Darlene Johnson in the Classics Cast Museum