Join Us, January 29 at 7pm for a Film Screening: “Fearless” (2006)

A 2006 film starring Jet Li as real life martial artist Huo Yuanjia
Tuesday, Jan 29 @ 7pm
Ed Center 118

This film depicts a variety of Chinese environments, which we will also encounter in China this summer: bustling market streets, public martial arts performances, lavish banquets at fancy restaurants, peasants in the rice paddies, worship at temples. “Fearless” also deals with important topics like the relationship between Chinese nationalism, martial arts, and spiritual transcendence (though you don’t have to know any of that to appreciate this entertaining film— but if you want some background— e-mail me and I’ll send you a 5 page PDF reading).

If you’re planning to join Drs Siegler and Gibas on their Summer Abroad trip to China, this film should be a “must-see” to help you get excited about the upcoming trip while also providing you with some background.  If you’re not sure yet about making the trip, this film may help you decide.

In any case, please join us— and spread the word!

Moonlight Semi-Formal, TOMORROW!

Saturday, October 6th from 7 – 9pm

in the Stern Center Ballroom

Sponsored by Asian Students Association, Chinese Club, and Japanese Club: Come join us for a fabulous dance in honor of the moon! There will be food, awesome music, and (hopefully) pretty dresses. So yea. Bring your friends, bring a date, bring a fancy outfit (or not), and bring excitement. Party hard, ladies and gentlemen.