Trujillo is a booming study abroad program.

Trujillo was the main feature during the recent Foundation board meeting. Kendra Stewart organized the presentation which featured several faculty members, as well as multiple students and alums.

 They made it clear that the facility is vital to the College’s international presence and is important to Trujillo as well.

One thought on “Trujillo is a booming study abroad program.

  1. I studied abroad through the C of C Trujillo Program in 2001 and lived with a host family. The town of Trujillo is like walking back 500 years into history with the beautiful stone buildings, preserved town square, mid evil castle, and of course the beautiful building which once was Convent where classes are held. The program was well organized with excursions to important cities throughout Spain and the professors from the University of Caceres were exceptional. This town is an extraordinary place to learn Spanish as it doesn’t have many foreigners or English speakers. It is a small town where it is easy to make friends and the people are very warm and welcoming. I highly recommend this program and hope that the College will continue to support this program. I highly recommend this program for any student interested in learning Spanish and Spanish culture.

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