Archaeologists Report on Summer Research

On Thursday, September 8, the Archaeology Program co-sponsored the opening talk in the South Carolina Society of the Archaeological Institute of America’s 2016-17 lecture series. The evening featured short reports from CofC faculty engaged in research. Dr. Maureen Hays reported on her excavations (involving CofC students) at the original site of St. Paul’s Parish Church and parsonage. Dr. Scott Harris reported on his work in uncovering the submerged landscapes of Greece, undertaken as a Fulbright fellow. Dr. Allison Sterrett-Krause reported on her ongoing work on the funerary practices of late Roman north Africa and daily life in a ‘working man’s’ section of Pompeii via the study glass artifacts in collaboration with CofC students. Dr. Alvaro Ibarra reported on ongoing excavations at the Roman military outpost of Castra Cumidava (modern-day Romania), and Dr. James Newhard spoke of research conducted to date that is leading him to further investigations of the ancient city of Epidaurus (Greece).

For further information on these investigations, please contact the respective principal investigators.

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