Homer-a-thon! Friday, October 3, 8am to 8pm in the Cistern

Each semester, the Classics Club hosts an ‘a-thon’ in which we read aloud an ancient epic from beginning to end. This year’s selected epic is Homer’s Odyssey. The Club is more excited about the Homer-a-thon this semester because it is a little different than in past semesters. Instead of staying up all night and reading Homer, the Club will be holding a public reading of the ancient epic throughout the day, Friday, in the Cistern Yard. There is a sign-up sheet on Dr. Gentile’s door (Randolph Hall 306D), if you would like to read. Come and go as your classes allow, but those who stay to the end will get a special treat! You can bring your own copy of the Odyssey or just follow along with your ears!

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