Spring 2022 Courses

From Gullah to Gujarati to Guaraní: Multilingualism and Multiculturalism Throughout the World
FYSE 120 and FYSS 101
Colleen Moorman
Hispanic Studies

Schooled: Exploring Anti-Racism, Inclusion, and Equity Through Children’s Literature (Critical Conversations Course)
FYSE 138 and FYSS 101
Margaret Hagood
Teacher Education

The Exotic “Other” in American Life and Culture
FYSE 124 and FYSS 101
Ashley Walters
Jewish Studies

AAST 200: Introduction to African American Studies
Don Sidney Polite
African American Studies

AAST 300: Special Topics: Race and Diasporic Connections in the US and Latin America
Michael Takeo Owens

AAST 300: Special Topics: Race in American Film
Don Sidney Polite
African American Studies

AAST 300: Special Topics: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Historic Preservation
Anthony Greene
African American Studies
Berry Stiefel
Art and Architectural History

AAST 300/ENGL 360: Special Topics: Charleston Writers
Julia Eichelberger

AAST 300/ARTH 290: Special Topics: African American Art
Mary Shelley Trent
Art and Architectural History
AFST 101: Introduction to African Studies
Christopher Day
Political Science

ANTH 325: People and Cultures of Latin America
Hector Qirko

ARST 100: Introduction to Arab and Islamic World Studies
Garrett Davidson
Asian Studies

CRLS 300: Special Topics: Restorative Justice
Reba Joy Parker
Crime, Law, and Society

ENGL 353: African Women Writers
Simon Lewis

FREN 334: Interpreting Francophone Literature and Film
Robert Sapp

GRMN 490: ST: The African Diaspora in German-Speaking Europe
Nancy Nenno

HEAL 230: Global Health
Kristy Kollath-Cottano
Kathleen Elaine Trejo Tello
Health and Human Performance

HIST 261: Special Topics: African Religion and Ritual
Zebulon Dingley

HIST 261: Special Topics: Ancient Egypt: Society, Women, and Daily Life
Peter Piccione

HIST 273: Modern Africa
John Cropper

HIST 350/WGST 322: Special Topics: Women in Muslim Societies
Rana Mikati

LACS 101: Introduction to Latin America and Caribbean Studies
José Moreira (Portugese and Spanish)
Christina Garcia (Spanish)

MUSC 222: ST: History of Hip Hop Music
Nathan John Michel

PEAC 139: African Dance
Linda Jean Harvey
Physical Education

POLI 267: Modern African Union
Christopher Day
Political Science

POLI 395: Global Political Thought
Christopher Day
Political Science