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Classroom Technology Upgrade Schedule

IT and Physical Plant plan to upgrade 28 classrooms for fiscal year 2015. The schedule is available online at http://it.cofc.edu/projects/classroom.php. The schedule begins with a technology upgrade for ECTR 101, 103 and 111 on September 15th thru September 26th. Two weeks before each proposed upgrade, IT will notify the respective department chairs and faculty teaching…Continue Reading Classroom Technology Upgrade Schedule

Classroom Technology Project Update

Below are some brief updates with the Classroom Technology Project for fiscal year 2014 and 2015. IT would like to thank Physical Plant, the Registrar’s Office, and Facilities Planning for their ongoing assistance with this project! Fiscal Year 2014 Information Technology and Physical Plant are upgrading the last classroom, BCTR 320, now. This classroom is…Continue Reading Classroom Technology Project Update

Classroom Technology Preview

The IT Audio Visual (AV) Engineering department completed a major technology upgrade in Education Center (ECTR) 203 in December, 2012. Representatives from AV Engineering, Teaching, Learning and Technology, and Physical Plant met with the Department Chairs involved to discuss the pedagogical needs for the classroom. As you’ll see in the video tour, iMac computers were…Continue Reading Classroom Technology Preview