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Alcohol EDU and Haven EDU Services Restored

Access to the College of Charleston’s Alcohol EDU (alcohol abuse prevention) and Haven EDU (sexual assault prevention) online training classes has been restored. If you experience any further issues with these applications, please contact IT Helpdesk at 843-953-3375 or helpdesk@cofc.edu. Thank you for your cooperation….Continue Reading Alcohol EDU and Haven EDU Services Restored

blogs.cofc.edu Service Restored

The migration of the College of Charleston’s hosted WordPress environment blogs.cofc.edu is complete and service has been restored. The College’s hosted WordPress environment has been migrated to a new hosting solution. The new environment improves performance and security through more robust infrastructure and services. When you login at http://blogs.cofc.edu/wp-login.php to manage your blog, please click…Continue Reading blogs.cofc.edu Service Restored