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New MyCharleston Password Recovery Functionality

*At this time, Information Technology will postpone the MyCharleston Password Recovery Implementation that was originally scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday August 19th, until after the start of classes. We will keep the campus informed of the new implementation date. We are excited to announce an upcoming improvement to your MyCharleston password recovery experience. We are implementing…Continue Reading New MyCharleston Password Recovery Functionality

Phishing Attempt

Information Security has been alerted to a Phishing email that is being delivered to accounts at the College. This does not indicate that your account has been compromised. The e-mail has the subject: “Fraudulent CC charge from XXXXXXXX@cofc.edu“. The body reads: “I have this $582 charge on my card from XXXXXXXX@cofc.edu I am attaching my…Continue Reading Phishing Attempt

Holiday Season Phishing Scams and Malware Campaigns

The Information Security team would like to share some Holiday Information Security Tips provided by the United States Computer Emergency Response Team (US-CERT). This is an especially active time for scammers! As the holidays approach, we would like to remind you to be aware of seasonal scams and cyber campaigns, which may include: electronic greeting cards…Continue Reading Holiday Season Phishing Scams and Malware Campaigns

Improve Your Cybersecurity

Security is an essential element of software design, development, testing, and maintenance. The software we use every day on our phones, tablets, and computers may have vulnerabilities that can compromise our personal information and privacy. How we use our IT products and devices is important. From locking our portable devices to making sure that all…Continue Reading Improve Your Cybersecurity

Outlook Web App Security Features

One of the security features of the Outlook Web App (OWA) is your ability to monitor and administer all of the devices that you may use to connect to your College email account. With OWA, you can ensure that only the devices that you have authorized to sync are connected, as well as delete the accounts of old devices no…Continue Reading Outlook Web App Security Features

Cyber Safety and Tax Season

The end of tax season is the prime time for hackers. If you file your taxes electronically, Information Technology would like to offer a few helpful tips during this time. Never provide your Social Security Number (SSN) over email, even to a legitimate company with a legitimate reason to ask for it, unless the email…Continue Reading Cyber Safety and Tax Season

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policy Posted

The College of Charleston has approved and posted a new policy on Data Loss Prevention (DLP). The policy can be found at policy.cofc.edu/documents/10.19.pdf. Please be sure to review to policy and adjust your usage of College resources accordingly.  College resources exist for the purpose of conducing legitimate business for the College. The College is bound by…Continue Reading Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policy Posted