Category: Unscheduled Outage

MyCharleston Service Disruption

Update 8/11/14 at 1:12PM: The College of Charleston’s MyCharleston has been restored and is operating normally. If you should have questions, please contact the IT Helpdesk at 953-3375 or 8/11/14 at 12:15PM: The College of Charleston’s MyCharleston is experiencing an unscheduled disruption in service.  Information Technology is aware of the situation. In order to restore…Continue Reading MyCharleston Service Disruption

Unscheduled IT Outage

The College’s streaming server has experienced a serious interruption in service. This will result in the inability to view some embedded content in OAKS, blogs, and on some College websites.  Information Technology is aware of the issue and working to resolve it as quickly as possible. At this time we cannot estimate the time…Continue Reading Unscheduled IT Outage

Scantron availability – Scantron in Bell is offline till Thursday

The Scantron Scanner in the Bell building is currently out of order.  A replacement scanner will be arriving on Thursday. The Scantron Scanner in Addlestone 335 is available. As a reminder – the Scantron in the Resource room in the Addlestone Library is Self Service and offers extended hours of availability 7 days per week. …Continue Reading Scantron availability – Scantron in Bell is offline till Thursday

Unscheduled Outage – Telephone System 4/9/13

The College telephone system is currently experiencing technical difficulties and all Charleston-area state agencies are similarly affected. At this time College telephones cannot reliably receive incoming calls from outside callers. Outside callers may be unable to connect or experience extreme static if they are able to connect. Spirit Telecommunications, the state provider of telephone service…Continue Reading Unscheduled Outage – Telephone System 4/9/13