Category: Telephone Services

SERVICE: Telephone Equipment Maintenance

IMPACT: Silcox Center, TD Arena, and 133 Calhoun Street (Physical Plant) will experience a brief interruption in telephone service. DATE: Tuesday, January 31st TIME: 12:00 PM   OVERVIEW: There will be a brief interruption in telephone service on Tuesday, January 31st, at 12:00 PM, lasting approximately 20 minutes to repair telephone equipment. This outage will…Continue Reading SERVICE: Telephone Equipment Maintenance

IT Outage Notification

Please report to the Helpdesk any/all occurrences of your voicemail light not working following the Wednesday, June 10 evening reset of the voicemail system. Until we are able to confirm that Spirit has made successful repairs and notify you to that effect, you should occasionally check for voicemail messages even though your voicemail waiting light…Continue Reading IT Outage Notification

Possible Issues with Desktop Telephone Sets

Due to the power outages experienced during Winter Break, issues have been reported with some College desktop telephone sets. The speaker lights may be flashing or the voice-mail message light may not be working properly. If you experience either of these issues please e-mail or call 953-3375 option #2. If you send an e-mail…Continue Reading Possible Issues with Desktop Telephone Sets