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Phase 1 of the Space Utilization Project Complete

By drinkuthkh
Posted on 6 March 2019 | 9:15 am

[Project Update] Phase 1 of the Space Utilization Project was completed in February. Beginning last summer, student workers surveyed all 518 available classrooms and meeting spaces operated by the College.

They collected data on audio visual equipment, lights, door types, number of outlets, and even entered help tickets for Physical Plant and IT. Additionally, the team took pictures of each space including 360 degree photos, like this one, that could be used in the future to help the College make decisions on everything from use to construction.


Video: TLT Lightboard and Virtual Reality

By drinkuthkh
Posted on 28 August 2018 | 11:49 am
In this Tech Talk Tuesday video ( Teena Ham, IT Training Program Coordinator, visits the L.I.V.E. Studio to talk with Instructional Technologists Jack Wolfe and Chris Tilley about TLT’s new Lightboard and virtual reality technology. Faculty can contact for more information.

Classroom Computer Maintenance

By Hannah Swanson
Posted on 16 November 2017 | 9:45 am

SERVICE: Microsoft Software Updates

IMPACT: Classrooms and Teaching Computer Labs (Addlestone Library Lab Included)

DATE:  November 23rd and November 24th

TIME: 12:00 am to 11:00 pm



The College of Charleston IT Deployment Team will performing updates and maintenance to all Classroom Computers and Classroom Lab Computers beginning 12:00 am November 23rd and ending 11:00 pm November 24th. The College will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday and the computers will be unavailable for use during the maintenance window. After maintenance had been completed, the classroom computers will be fully patched with Microsoft updates and ready for use when classes resume.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Information Technology Helpdesk at (843) 953-3375 or by emailing


MyCharleston Service Disruption

By Monica Lavin
Posted on 24 August 2015 | 11:16 am

Updated 8/24/15 at 12:00pm: The College of Charleston’s MyCharleston has been restored and is operating normally. If you should have questions, please contact the IT Helpdesk at 953-3375 or

The College of Charleston’s MyCharleston is experiencing an unscheduled disruption in service.  Information Technology is aware of the situation and working to restore service.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation during this time. If you should have questions, please contact the IT Helpdesk at 953-3375 or

Classroom Technology Upgrade Schedule

By Monica Lavin
Posted on 28 August 2014 | 9:00 am

IT and Physical Plant plan to upgrade 28 classrooms for fiscal year 2015. The schedule is available online at The schedule begins with a technology upgrade for ECTR 101, 103 and 111 on September 15th thru September 26th.

Two weeks before each proposed upgrade, IT will notify the respective department chairs and faculty teaching in the classrooms of the following:

  • the exact dates the classroom will be upgraded (10 business days)
  • the designated swing space
  • a description of the technology upgrade
  • available training opportunities for faculty
  • completion date

New Classroom Improvements!

By Monica Lavin
Posted on 26 June 2014 | 9:55 am

IT has been working hard this summer to ensure that the classrooms exceed your needs! Based on your input and technology trends, IT assessed the technology in the classrooms and is making improvements for Fall, 2014.

Faster Computer Boot Times

Solid State Drives (SSDs) will be installed in all of the classrooms that are equipped with a Windows computer. SSDs offer a host of advantages over conventional hard drives such as:

  • super-fast boot times
  • low noise levels
  • better reliability and lifetime span
  • lower power consumption

Computer boot times will be 3-times faster. On average, it should take a little over a minute for you to start the computer, login and open an application

Document Cameras

IT will be replacing antiquated document cameras with new Lumens document cameras, which will enhance the overall image quality, resolution, and clarity. The new document cameras are easy to operate.

Microsoft Office 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional has been installed on all of the Windows computers in the classrooms. For training information for Outlook 2013 and other Microsoft Office 2013 applications, please visit for tutorials on the various applications of Microsoft Office 2013.

Computer Software and Updates

All classroom computers will be re-imaged this summer. Re-imaging is the process of removing and reinstalling software on computers.  We encourage you to review the standard image at before you teach in a classroom.

New Classrooms for Fall 2014

Students will learn in a variety of instructional spaces from traditional lecture-style rooms to flexible learning spaces to lecture-capture rooms at the new home of the College of Charleston North Campus and Lowcountry Graduate Center (LCC).

Harbor Walk will house the Department of Computer Science, a biology lab, biology and physics classrooms, labs, faculty offices, and faculty research labs. Harbor Walk is located at 360 Concord Street in Charleston.

Over 40 new classrooms will be online as a result of the two new buildings! To say the least, IT has been very busy this summer!

Classroom Technology Project Update

By Monica Lavin
Posted on 15 May 2014 | 11:10 am

Below are some brief updates with the Classroom Technology Project for fiscal year 2014 and 2015. IT would like to thank Physical Plant, the Registrar’s Office, and Facilities Planning for their ongoing assistance with this project!

Fiscal Year 2014

Information Technology and Physical Plant are upgrading the last classroom, BCTR 320, now. This classroom is slated to be complete on June 6, 2014. This classroom will have varying levels of accessibility for instructors with visual and mobility impairments. For a complete list of the 28 classrooms in FY 14, visit Classroom Technology FY 14 List.

Fiscal Year 2015

The tentative classroom list and schedule for FY 15 are available at Every year, IT and Physical Plant receive more classroom requests than our resources permit. All remaining classrooms will be considered for the following fiscal year. We are proposing to upgrade 28 classrooms. However, the final number of classrooms that will be upgraded is contingent upon receiving additional funding. We will have more information once the Board of Trustees approves the College budget.

IT and Physical Plant have already met with each of the respective department chairs and gathered their needs and requests for the classrooms. We also worked closely with the Registrar’s Office to identify swing space. Like previous years, all appropriate department chairs and faculty will be notified of the following:

  • Dates for the upgrade
  • Scheduled classroom swing space
  • Description of the technology upgrade
  • Available training opportunities
  • Completion date

We’ll continue to keep you updated.

Program to bring iPads into the Classroom

By Monica Lavin
Posted on 30 April 2014 | 10:50 am

The Addlestone Library, in partnership with Academic Affairs and the Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT) department, is soliciting proposals for the iPad program to provide members of our campus community access to a technologically rich environment that encourages technology literacy, information literacy and collaborative learning.

Project Overview
The Library has 35 iPad Airs (the newest version on the market), cases, charging cart, purchased with funds from the Provost’s Office.

Starting August 29, 2014, 30 iPads will be available for faculty and students working on a class project for the Fall.  Faculty may request these iPads for students to check out and use for up to three weeks, as a tool to enhance student learning in their course.   Students and faculty will check out the iPads from the Library Circulation desk.  The Library and TLT staff are happy to work with you on your projects and assignments to:

    • Promote student engagement in the classroom, the lab, or in the field
    • Assist small group collaboration in idea creation and sharing as well as information search, analysis, and visual representation
    • Provide access to and manipulation of digital content
    • Promote the innovative use of this technology.

Joey Van Arnhem, Instructional Design Librarian, Zach Hartje, Director of the TLT, and Steven Profit, Reference Librarian, will work with you and your students as the team – to design the project, coordinate with faculty and serve as a resource to students.

In addition, 5 iPads are available to individual students, faculty and staff to check out for 3 days.

If you would like to participate in the Fall 2014 iPad Program with your class, please complete the form

If you would like to discuss your proposal or talk about how you might most effectively use iPads in your course, please contact:

Zach Hartje, Director of Teaching, Learning and Technology

Joey Van Arnhem, Instructional Design Librarian, Digital Scholarship and Services

Please submit your Request by May 30th.   You will be notified if your class has been selected for Fall 2014 project by June 13th.
Housekeeping Details
Each student and faculty member will check out and return the iPad and peripherals at the circulation desk at Addlestone Library. We will have specific blocks for iPad use so please indicate block preferences.  Aug 29th – Sept 8th  (2 week session) , Sept 15 -Oct 6th , Oct  13th – Nov 3rd , Nov 10th – Dec 1st .

A few Useful Sites
CofC’s iPad guide offers a wealth of program information including the collection of apps loaded on the iPads, availability, tutorials and websites that are accessible via mobile devices.

Dartmouth Univ.

Vanderbilt Univ.

Prior to the beginning of each semester at the College, Information Technology (IT) updates academic-related software applications on the computers in smart classrooms, computer labs, meeting rooms, and the Library Student Computing Center. This service is designed to support the changing instructional needs of the faculty.

What software do you need for the upcoming semesters?

We want to ensure that your classroom has everything you need. You will find a list of the software that is standard in classrooms at the link below.

Classroom/Lab Software Standard

Do you know of applications that you will need for your classrooms’ computer(s) for upcoming semester(s)? If so, please request that software through the following link.

Classroom Software Request

To assure adequate time to install software for the beginning of each semester, software requests must be received by the following dates:

Semester Needed: Request Must Be Received By:
Summer Sessions May 23
Fall July 1
Spring December 1

Please remember that your department is responsible for all licenses and software purchases.

What can you expect?

  1. If there are any files on the computers that you want to save, you will be responsible for backing them up. Our process of re-imaging or updating software applications each semester requires that the computer be “wiped clean” of existing data.
  2. It is the requestor’s responsibility to gather information about the software. For example, installation CDs, license information or websites from where the software can be downloaded.
  3. Please keep in mind that some software may not be able to be installed due to incompatibility issues with the operating systems or other software that is already installed on the computers. If this is the situation, we will work with you and the vendors for possible solutions.

We look forward to working with you. Please contact the IT Helpdesk at or 953-3375 option #3 with any questions you may have.

Upcoming Faculty Roundtable Discussion

By Monica Lavin
Posted on 14 February 2014 | 9:36 am

Please join your colleagues in Tate 202 on Monday, February 24th, at 2:00 PM, for a discussion on how to use Poll Everywhere during lecture to stimulate interest, facilitate discussion, and assess student learning. Faculty panelists, Cynthia Hall, Sarah LeBlanc, Ryan Milner, Charissa Owens, and Brooke Van Horn will share their experiences and best practices regarding implementation and will answer any questions that you have. This event is sponsored by Academic Affairs and Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT).

Note: If the images below are not displaying properly, you can view it in a web browser at

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