2014 TechQual+ Survey Results


College of Charleston faculty, staff, and students participated in the Fall 2014 IT TechQual+ Survey, which is designed to capture the user perspective on Information Technology (IT) services at the College. By conducting an annual TechQual+ survey, IT is able to assess the strength and performance of IT’s services using an approach that focuses on College end users.


The core TechQual+ survey contains 13 items that assess the quality of services as related to the three core commitments. Each core commitment is measured through four or five separate items reflecting IT service outcomes.

For each IT service outcome, respondents specified (on a scale of 1 to 9) their expectations for minimum service level (the lowest level of performance acceptable), desired service level (the level of service they want), and the perceived performance (the current service level being provided). You can learn more about the TechQual+ Survey at https://www.techqual.org.


Invitations to participate in the survey were sent to every member of the College community. Overall, 779 members of the College completed the survey: 172 faculty, 268 staff, 314 students and 25 not declared.

IT thoroughly reviewed the data and created an infographic (see below) to visually display the key findings for the campus. You can also view the full report at 2014 TechQual+ Report (PDF).

2014 TechQual Infographic