Classroom Technology Project Update

Below are some brief updates with the Classroom Technology Project for fiscal year 2014 and 2015. IT would like to thank Physical Plant, the Registrar’s Office, and Facilities Planning for their ongoing assistance with this project!

Fiscal Year 2014

Information Technology and Physical Plant are upgrading the last classroom, BCTR 320, now. This classroom is slated to be complete on June 6, 2014. This classroom will have varying levels of accessibility for instructors with visual and mobility impairments. For a complete list of the 28 classrooms in FY 14, visit Classroom Technology FY 14 List.

Fiscal Year 2015

The tentative classroom list and schedule for FY 15 are available at Every year, IT and Physical Plant receive more classroom requests than our resources permit. All remaining classrooms will be considered for the following fiscal year. We are proposing to upgrade 28 classrooms. However, the final number of classrooms that will be upgraded is contingent upon receiving additional funding. We will have more information once the Board of Trustees approves the College budget.

IT and Physical Plant have already met with each of the respective department chairs and gathered their needs and requests for the classrooms. We also worked closely with the Registrar’s Office to identify swing space. Like previous years, all appropriate department chairs and faculty will be notified of the following:

  • Dates for the upgrade
  • Scheduled classroom swing space
  • Description of the technology upgrade
  • Available training opportunities
  • Completion date

We’ll continue to keep you updated.