The Importance of Routine Maintenance: Second Sunday

More and more the College is relying on information technology applications and infrastructure to operate core College business systems, and to supply vital tools to enhance the academic experience. The threat of malware and malicious attacks is ever increasing, thus forcing institutions to re-investigate their security means to better protect the environment.

Combatting these attacks is a high priority for the College. Research has shown that a very important counter measure against cyber attacks is to ensure that every server and computer in the environment has the latest patches and upgrades installed. If one computer in the environment is not patched, it can increase risk to the entire environment.

Vendors often release application updates to fix various discovered bugs and to offer enhancement upgrades. Applying the updates is vital to keeping the applications available to the campus.  As a result, Information Technology dedicates the Second Sunday of each month for routine maintenance. Conducting routine maintenance reduces the risk of unplanned outages and possible security breaches.