Summer 2014 Faculty Technology Institutes (FTI)

Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT) is now accepting applications for the Summer 2014 Faculty Technology Institutes (FTI). TLT will be offering two institutes this summer, one scheduled May 19-23 and the other June 2-6. As with every FTI, the intention is to deliver sound pedagogical practices, demonstrate technological tools, showcase experiences from faculty, and provide a forum for open discussion.

The theme for both FTI sessions this year is The New Old School. The focus will be on strategies for activities, assessment, and content delivery that can assist in the transition of a course from a traditional lecture format to an interactive and engaging course. Participants will have the opportunity to analyze their own instructional practices and work on transitioning a specific unit or module within their own course(s). TLT will also introduce emerging technology tools that can replace some of antiquated technologies being used while achieving similar or even better results (hence The New Old School). Participants will have the opportunity to evaluate how these tools could be used to supplement their content delivery, activities, and assessments.

Apply Now:

The online application along with a tentative agenda is now available on the TLT blog ( Please note that two additions have been added to the application process this year. During the application proposal process applicants will be asked to submit a course syllabus for review. In addition, selected candidates will be asked to participate in a short 15 minute face-to-face interview so that you can be sure that this FTI is a right fit for you.

The application deadline is March 2, 2014.