Attention ‘Lemon’ Users

The Lemon media service will be decommissioned on January 1, 2014

With the addition of new media services like Stream and Kaltura, Information Technology will be decommissioning the legacy streaming server, Lemon. IT has copied all media content from Lemon to Stream. So any media content (videos) that you had uploaded to Lemon is now available on Stream. However, any URL links or embed codes that points to the Lemon server will no longer work once the Lemon server is decommissioned.  For example, if you have old links or embed codes in OAKS and they point to your videos on the Lemon server, they will not work. You must update the links and embed codes to point to the new Stream or Kaltura server for the videos to work properly.

Please take the following actions:

Please diligently go through your material (i.e. OAKS content, blogs, web pages, etc.) to find any embed codes or URL links that point to the Lemon server. Next, be sure to re-path your media files to the new location of the media file (Stream or Kaltura) by January 1, 2014.  Many faculty have already worked with or are currently working with your Instructional Technologist to identify and re-path your media files. If not, please contact Your instructional technologist is happy to work with you. You can view a tutorial at Staff can contact the Helpdesk for assistance. In addition, if you have videos uploaded to your People Server account, please move those videos to either Kaltura or Stream.

For information regarding Stream or Kaltura, visit: If you have any questions please contact