Classroom Technology Project Update

Classroom Upgrade Progress:

  • ECTR 108 is currently being upgraded with a targeted completion date of Friday, November 1. In addition to being upgraded to the Silver Standard Design, this classroom laboratory also received all new student desks, chairs, and computers. It’s lookin’ good! Pictures to follow!

Kickoff for Fiscal Year 2015:

  • IT has already started planning for the 2015 fiscal year! We’re currently soliciting classrooms that are in need of an upgrade! All department chairs and deans have been notified. If you’d like to add a classroom to the list, please send your request to your department chair by November 5th. Only department chairs can request upgrades through an online request form. We’ve really tried to streamline the process so that it’s easier for everyone!

Check out the new FAQ:

  • Based on the information provided in the Classroom Technology Feedback Survey, IT has created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document. We will continue to add information to the FAQ. You can visit it at (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Provide us with your feedback:

  • Please continue to provide us with your feedback about the overall process, classroom design and overall experience. Just fill out the online form at