Cascade Server upgrade brings several new features

Cascade Server, the College’s content management system, has been upgraded to version 7.6 and there are several new features worth highlighting.

Stale Content Reporting

Stale web content is a problem for any site.  Now there are two ways you can report on assets that have not been updated recently — on the dashboard in the summarized pie chart form and in the stale content tab.  Review your site to see what content has not been touched for awhile and consider if its needs updating.


Drag and Drop File Uploading

Cascade Server now features a drop zone that allows you to upload any type of file that you would normally upload to the content management system just by dragging it from your desktop or an open folder into the drop zone.


Easier Access to Submit / Save Draft

The 7.6 upgrade also relocates the Submit / Save Draft / Cancel buttons to be “locked” at the bottom of the screen so you can access them without needing to scroll to the bottom of the page.

static-barYou can read the full release notes for 7.6 at  If you should have any questions about the upgrade or new features, please contact Helpdesk at 953-3375 or