Your Feedback Counts!

Complete the TechQual+ Survey
IT invites you to participate in an anonymous, web-based survey regarding Information Technology at the College of Charleston.  Completing the survey will require approximately 10 minutes.  This survey is designed and administered by the TechQual+ service and research project .  Results will be collected and analyzed through the TechQual+ project. TechQual+ assures the anonymity of your response and only one response per person can be submitted.  IT will receive a TechQual+ report summarizing the results of the survey.  In turn, IT will share the results with the College community.

Accessing the survey
All students, staff and faculty will receive an email from the IT Helpdesk. The email will include the survey link and a unique survey ID number. If you cannot locate this email or have trouble accessing the survey, please email

Survey deadline
The survey will close 5 p.m. Friday, November 8.

Your feedback does matter
Based on the 2012 TechQual+ survey results, IT initiated or accelerated actions to improve infrastructure, services, and support.  Please refer to the TechQual+ survey results and IT action items published to the campus community on the IT Blog discussing these projects and accomplishments. You can find more information regarding last year’s TechQual+ results at

Individuals who complete this assessment in its entirety will be entered into a drawing to win their choice of an Apple iPad or a Dell Latitude 10 Windows tablet. One winner will be randomly selected and notified before December 2, 2013.


About TechQual+
Your survey response is collected by TechQual+, a 3rd party organization dedicated to maintaining the integrity of this survey. Your individual survey responses will remain anonymous to the College of Charleston. The information you submit will remain anonymous and is protected by the  Higher Education TechQual+ privacy policy .

By responding to the TechQual+ survey, you tell us where improvements are needed. TechQual+ assists leadership in better understanding the technology needs of the College of Charleston community. Responses to the survey will help support project priorities. The survey tool asks questions in the following areas:

  • Connectivity and Access
  • Technology and Collaboration Services
  • Support and Training

It will ask you to provide evaluations regarding minimum expectation levels, desired service levels, and perceived service levels for 13 core commitments.

The survey results will be thoroughly reviewed by Information Technology and will be used to inform decisions about how to wisely invest resources to support the technology needs of students, faculty and staff. Your feedback is critical in allowing the College of Charleston to measure its progress year after year.  Comparisons will also be made between Information Technology at the College and other universities.

Additional information about TechQual+ can be found at Higher Education TechQual+ Project.

If you have questions about the survey, please contact Helpdesk at or 953-3375.